Pensions Policy Institute

The greater complexity of UK pensions, combined with more people saving than ever before, means there’s a greater call than ever for independent research. There is more work to do to analyse the impact of policy and to identify what changes would produce better outcomes. We are working on two strategic initiatives: Looking forward The pensions data project A data amalgamation project to provide an insight into people's savings patterns. Initially, it will aggregate across trust based DC pots - generating the largest longitudinal study of the DC market. In the longer term, there will be an opportunity to include: DC contract based, DB, decumulation data and other data sets. This will provide a unique single data set that will show: average number of pots, frequency of provider change, total pension wealth and change over time. This will inform evidence based policy making. You can find out more at Pensions framework project A comprehensive framework to evaluate the UK pensions system and the impact of policy changes over time. Using consistent, tailored and robust measures, it will assess the impact of policy against key objectives and highlight where interactions between system components result in trade-offs and gaps. This framework will be developed in collaboration with industry and policy advisors. Covering both state and private sector pension provision - analysed against adequacy, affordability and sustainability. Analysis will be enriched by pervasive themes including fairness, efficiency, compatibility, simplicity and integrity.