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The PPI’s history


Our journey began back in 1997 when the Pension Provision Group (PPG) chaired by Tom Ross OBE was tasked by Harriet Harman, the Secretary of State for Social Security, to assess the likely trends in pensions provisions. The PPG report – “We all need pensions” - made a vitally important contribution to the debate of future pensions policy.  It concluded that “An organisation, independent of government, needs to have lead responsibility for accumulating, analysing and publishing information about current and future pension provision and its implication for pension policy.”

On Monday 22nd January 2001 The PPI formally came in to existence, so that a permanent expert organisation would undertake rigorous research from an independent, long-term perspective. This is helping all those interested to achieve a better, wider understanding of retirement provision issues. We have now been analysing policy and future trends for 20 years.




Our Journey So Far

The original PPG Report

We all need pensions (1998)

Our Impact 2001 - 2021

How have we helped to shape policy? 

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PPI Operating Details

King's College
Virginia Woolf Building
1st Floor, 22 Kingsway
London, WC2B 6LE

Tel. 020 7848 3744

Mob. 07718 647 567 


The Pensions Policy Institute is a registered charity and accepts donations from organisations and individuals.