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The PPI team is led by Chris Curry, appointed as Director in June 2013.

  • Chris Curry

    Chris Curry


    Chris Curry is the Director of the Pensions Policy Institute (PPI) with overall responsibility for leading and managing the PPI. Chris originally joined the PPI as...

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  • Sarah Luheshi

    Sarah Luheshi

    Deputy Director

    Sarah Luheshi joined the Pensions Policy Institute (PPI) in 2015 and is the Deputy Director with responsibility for the PPI's research programme, delivered through the...

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  • Maritha Lightbourne

    Maritha Lightbourne

    Head of Finance and Operations

    Maritha is Head of Finance and Operations and joined the PPI in June 2005. Maritha is responsible for the day to day operational duties of the Institute, accounts and...

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  • Janine Harrison

    Janine Harrison

    Team Support and Operations Officer

    Janine joined the PPI in September 2018 as the Team Support Administrator and became the Team Support and Operations Officer in October 2019. Within the Operations Team,...

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  • Danielle Baker

    Danielle Baker

    Head of Membership & External Engagement

    Danielle is Head of Membership and External Engagement and joined the PPI in February 2014 as Membership and Fundraising Manager. Danielle is responsible for delivery of...

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  • Lee Massey

    Lee Massey

    Events & External Engagement Officer

    Lee joined the PPI in October 2019 as the Fundraising and Events Assistant. In September 2020 he was appointed to the Events & External Engagement Officer. Within...

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  • Daniela Silcock

    Daniela Silcock

    Head of Policy Research

    Daniela is Head of Policy Research at the Pensions Policy Institute (PPI), and she leads the PPI Policy Research team. She has a wealth of experience in conducting...

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  • Lauren Wilkinson

    Lauren Wilkinson

    Senior Policy Researcher

    Lauren Wilkinson joined the PPI in September 2016 as a Policy Researcher. During her time at the PPI Lauren has produced research on a range of topics, including Defined...

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  • Dr. Mark Baker

    Dr. Mark Baker

    Senior Policy Researcher

    Mark joined the PPI in November 2018, as the Senior Policy Researcher. Prior to joining PPI, Mark earned a PhD in Sociology from the University of Exeter before working...

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  • Tim Pike

    Tim Pike

    Head of Modelling

    Tim is the Head of Modelling of the PPI responsible for delivering the models and modelling to support the PPI’s current research program. He joined the PPI in July 2015...

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  • John Adams

    John Adams

    Senior Policy Analyst

    John has been the PPI’s Senior Policy Analyst since 2008. In his time at the PPI John has worked in a lead role in the modelling of a wide range of projects including...

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  • Chetan Jethwa

    Chetan Jethwa

    Policy Modeller

    Chetan Jethwa joined the PPI modelling team in April 2018 as a Policy Modeller. He is responsible for maintaining and developing PPI models as well as producing...

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  • Nicky Day

    Nicky Day

    Project Lead

    Nicky joined the Pensions Policy Institute in November 2019 as the Project Lead on the Pensions Data Project (which is looking to link the various pension pots which...

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  • Sergio Maffra

    Sergio Maffra

    PhD Student

    Sergio Maffra is a PhD student at King's College London with sponsorship from the Pensions Policy Institute. His Thesis focus on the asset liability management of...

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  • Anna Brain

    Anna Brain

    Research Associate

    Anna joined the PPI as a Research Associate in January 2021, having previously worked for them in 2019. Her research has focused on a range of topics, including...

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  • Bob Collie

    Bob Collie

    Research Associate

    Bob Collie has led consulting practices and research teams in the US and the UK at some of the world’s leading investment consulting firms. An Actuary by training, he...

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  • Nick Hurman

    Nick Hurman

    Research Associate

    Nick is an independent strategy and research specialist and previous author for the PPI. Nick has 20 years’ experience as a senior industry executive in pensions and...

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The Pensions Policy Institute is a registered charity and accepts donations from organisations and individuals.