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Kevin Wesbroom

Kevin Wesbroom

Kevin is a passionate pensions professional who has been involved in all aspects of UK pensions for over 40 years. He is a qualified scheme actuary who has developed many different strands of pensions, investment and broader employee benefits. He covers both DB and DC schemes. On DB as well as offering a long-term consulting perspective, he was the inaugural UK lead for Aon’s Global Risk Services team, a fusion of actuarial and investment skills for DB schemes, and has worked on end game solutions, including member options, buy outs and buy ins. On DC he set up the DC section back in 1995, with a unique perspective on DC advice, and has recently led the mastertrust authorisation process.

His current passion – with typically modest ambition – is to transform the UK pensions landscape, by ensuring that Collective Defined Contribution plans become a reality, and thereby improving the pensions outcomes for millions of UK workers.


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